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In 2010, our Government Obligation Bond (GOB) was paid off. We were therefore able to reduce the monthly billing amounts for our customers by $10.00/month. We also had funds left over from the bond that has allowed us to make a much needed plant improvement that will be finished in December, 2012.

This improvement was to replace our existing bar screen with new Ortec Screw Screen Compactors. The bar screen has become over the years a messy and unreliable piece of equipment. In the winter time, we experienced many problems with ice buildup due to the cold temperatures. We are very excited to begin using the Screw Screen Compactors that will be stored in a new building as they will allow us to make the end result of our plant process much better and will be much easier to maintain.



One of our goals at PSD is to continue to offer and provide quality sewer service to properties in the Park that are not yet connected to our system. In effort to achieve this goal, a ballot initiative was placed on the November 6, 2012 Coconino County ballot that asked for approval by our current customers for an increase in debt authorization. By voting yes, our customers approved our ability to take on more debt to allow us to begin expanding our system to four unsewered areas in Munds Park. The ballot passed with approximately 75% approval and as of December 2012. We are now working with the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA) of Arizona to obtain a loan to help pay for the construction of sewer lines to those areas.

Once we have obtained approval from WIFA for the loan, we will petition each property owner in the four unsewered areas for approval to construct. The four areas are:

            1) West of I-17 commercial properties

            2) East of I-17 commercial properties

            3) Northernaire

            4) Northlodge


Achieving this goal will help PSD maintain a lower monthly billing amount per customer by increasing the number of customers on the system. Also, due to Coconino County’s strict restrictions on replacing or updating septic systems in areas that have sewer readily available, we will be providing a reasonably cost efficient alternative for properties with failing septic systems. 


*If your property CURRENTLY pays for use of the sewer system, your bill will NOT be affected by this expansion.



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