November 8, 2018


Chairman of the Board, Dick Drinen, called the meeting to order at 3:00 P.M.


1. Pledge of Allegiance:  


2. Roll call was taken:  All present


3. Present:  Dick Drinen, Bob Timberman, Mike Sims, Len Friedlund, Scott Bowen, Robert Rose, Gail Van Deurzen


A.  Administrative Information: 


5. Approval of Board minutes for October 11, 2018

    Approved as presented


6. Correspondence: Update on West Side permits.  Letter to Mr. Schuster regarding connection of phase 3 to our system.  ADEQ is about ready to issue a Notice of Violation to Mr. Schuster addressing phase 2.  There is a letter from Gust Rosenfeld updating us on age discrimination law.


7. Expenses Review: There were questions about the increased Waste Management bill and boring costs.


8. Legal Counsel: We submitted easement requirements to work with Pinewood Partners on resolving County requests and are still working on operational contract  for Mr. Schuster.


9. Operation Report: - Jim Wilson / Collections – Lee Krosnicki:   Sad to hear Blair is retiring and Geoff Hart is still out on disability.


B. Unfinished Business:


10. Status of West Side I-17 sewer expansion: 

A.  Report on meeting with ADEQ and Munds Park RV Park:   They don’t seem to understand that we cannot take septic.  The options are pretreatment plant (still not to go to the plant).  Phase 3 is easy.  There will be visual and monitoring verification of septic decommissioning. 

B.  Construction Status:  Boring has been completed.  All points of connection are there.  We are potholing to locate utilities for hooking up main power source.  Everything we have done for APS has been inspected and approved.

C.  Building permit status (2):  We have heard nothing regarding the north end.  The County is still adamant about the land division documents for the south end.  We will have to have the lawyers work on getting this approved.


11.  North Lodge update: 

A.  Conditional use permit status (landscaping):  They have their equipment on site and are ready to get started.  It should be complete in a couple weeks and finish up the CUP.

B.  Status of drainage way improvements in ADOT ROW:  PSD is done and ADOT has taken the lead on the drainage way.


12.  Audit status:  The audit is ongoing. 


13.  Discuss Navajo project for the Prescott’s:  There is one other neighbor interested in hooking up to sewer.  The surveying has been completed and we are waiting for legal descriptions to get easement documents for the Country Club.


14.  Discuss connection fees per Sewer Use Ordinance:  We have been researching other sanitary districts to compare pricing and there are some changes we could make to make it easier to recoup construction fees.


C. New Business


15.  Need to procure new IT person:  Our IT guy that we have had for many years can no longer help us because he is now working full time at his other job.



16.  Open call to the public for non-agenda items. None (Limits to 5 minutes will be enforced)



Meeting Adjourned at 3:35 P.M.


Clerk of the Board




Mike Sims