March 8, 2018


Chairman of the Board, Dick Drinen, called the meeting to order at 3:00 P.M.


1. Pledge of Allegiance:  


2. Roll call was taken: Gail Van Deurzen, absent


3. Present:  Dick Drinen, Robert Rose, Bob Timberman, Mike Sims, Len Friedlund, Scott Bowen


4.  Administrative Information:


5. Approval of Board minutes for February 8, 2018



6. Correspondence: Copies of election to go in boxes, Condemnation complete. BCBS Notice, Will talk to ADEQ about post office and Shell getting on system.


7. Expenses Review: Good


8. Legal Counsel: Working on finalizing west side easements with Mr. Shuster and working on finalizing court documents for North Lodge.


9. Operation Report: - Jim Wilson / Collections – Lee Krosnicki:  Good


A.     Unfinished Business:


10. Status of West Side I-17 sewer expansion:

A. Report on meeting with ADEQ and Munds Park RV Park:


B. Construction Status: RV Park holding us at bay with easements, we would be willing to move generator to original relocation as long as they don’t hookup electrically. Waiting to see about where electric will go. Building design almost finalized. Meeting 3/19/18 about quality of sewage RV Park wants to send us.


C. Discuss conditional Use Permits (2) for West Side Project: ADEQ has power to pull permits on Shuster. Waiting for engineer structural design and finalized building design for #1 lift station.


D. Discuss easements for Shuster properties and electrical equipment location negotiations: Hoping to go over that at the meeting on 3/19/18.


11.  North Lodge update

            A. Consent Order Amendment: Have telephone conference next week.

B. Construction timeline: Will start digging Friday or Monday of this week.

            C. Conditional use permit Status & building permit delays: Delayed building permit, because of Landscaping.


12. Discussion on Sewer Use Ordinance and ARS Section 48-2027 (H): Currently under review for revision.

13. Discuss District Managers contract Proposal

            Jim wants to go part time towards retirement, 2 years left on contract. Alicia has grade 3 and working on grade 4.


B.     New Business

Have all expenses for all “projects” itemized to date and figured out. Board went into Executive Session and thinks Jim’s plan will work great.




Open call to the public for non-agenda items. None (Limits to 5 minutes will be enforced)



Meeting Adjourned at 3:45 P.M.


Clerk of the Board




Mike Sims