August 9, 2018


Chairman of the Board, Dick Drinen, called the meeting to order at 3:00 P.M.


1. Pledge of Allegiance:  


2. Roll call was taken: Gail VanDeurzen and Robert Rose were absent


3. Present:  Dick Drinen, Bob Timberman, Mike Sims, Len Friedlund, Scott Bowen


A.  Administrative Information:  Jim Wilson will add Alicia Davia to signature card at Chase and County.


5. Approval of Board minutes for July 12, 2018

    Approved as presented


6. Correspondence: There was correspondence between the County and deferred to legal that we will discuss during meeting.


7. Expenses Review: Scott Bowen had questions about Westside budget and WIFA loan repayment that were explained by Jim Wilson to be a time shift issue.


8. Legal Counsel: Jim contacted legal to discuss a personnel issue.


9. Operation Report: - Jim Wilson / Collections – Lee Krosnicki:   No questions.  Scott Bowen commented that Jim Wilson did a great job explaining Pinewood Sanitary District’s issues at the County meeting.


B. Unfinished Business:


10. Status of West Side I-17 sewer expansion: 

A. Report on meeting with ADEQ and Munds Park RV Park:  The RV Park is requesting a letter stating that Phase 3 is ready to go.  Also, Shuster does not want to disconnect his septic in Phase 2, which is not going to work for PSD.  Jim Wilson has been in contact with ADEQ and is waiting to have a meeting.

B. Construction Status:  We are working on getting bids for a concrete contractor.  We are having issues getting our building permit for lift station #1 because the County is requiring a land division permit (30 ft wide road access to lift station).  This has been deferred to legal.

C. Discuss Conditional Use Permits (2) for West Side Project:  Both have been approved with conditions.


11.  North Lodge update: 

            A. Consent Order Amendment & Telecom with ADEQ:  Gave ADEQ status update.

B. Conditional use permit Status & building permit status: Waiting for permit from ADOT to clean up drainage.

C. Construction timeline:    New lift station was started August 1 and is online.  The old lift station and manhole have been decommissioned and demolished.  We still have to finish grading and install gate.  There is a line in place for hookup for new occupants of 485 Barnwood but it will require a pump. 


C. New Business

Connie Luby came in to express her discontent with the recent increase to the sewer bill.


Open call to the public for non-agenda items. None (Limits to 5 minutes will be enforced)




Meeting Adjourned at 3:35 P.M.


Clerk of the Board




Mike Sims