June 8, 2017



Chairman of the Board, Dick Drinen, called the meeting to order at 3:00 P.M.


1. Pledge of Allegiance:  


2. Roll call was taken:


3. Present:  Dick Drinen, Robert Rose, Bob Timberman, Mike Sims, Len Friedlund, Scott Bowen.


Absent: Gail Van Deurzen, Len Friedlund


A. Administrative Information:

Thank you Board, for coming to special meeting.


4. Approval of Minutes:


5. Approval of Board minutes for May 11, 2017 and May 18, 2017.

 Approved as presented, both.


6. Correspondence:  

Insurance company from property damage, we have received funds.

Trying to get $2,400.00 back from Sheriff’s office, since money was in our vehicle when found.

Quote for manhole repairs came in at 96,000.00 with warranty.


7. Expenses Review:

Jim updated expenses with board.

Shuster’s still owes 35,000.00.

WIFA Loan repayment coming up July 1, 2017


8. Legal Counsel:

Dealing with West side Easements.



9. Operation Report: - Jim Wilson / Collections – Lee Krosnicki:

Refer to Blackie Report.

Lost Canyon over by Williams, we do work for them once or twice a year (clean out).

Still have a lot of ground water on West Side, going with different plan, reengineering and adding pressure lines.


B. Unfinished Business




10. Status of West Side I-17 sewer expansion

A. Design Change: Went to engineers to refigure plan due to water level. Putting in 3000 feet of pressure lines and a smaller lift station, should take about 3 weeks to complete. Brandon, wanting for preliminary plans to show up so we can draw them up, finalize them and get our materials ordered.

            B. Easements update: Close to resolution


11.  North Lodge update

            A. Construction timeline: By the 15th of June, application for approval.

B. Consent Order Amendment: Jim signed, should be on schedule.

C. Drainage Improvements: Standard grade, one manhole with a sealed cover.

            D. Conditional use permit application meeting: July 5th Meeting, Dick Drinen and Kim McCune going, no engineers.


C.  New Business


12. Discuss Annual Budget. For Operation and Maintenance Fiscal Year 2017-2018. No rate increase, liabilities biggest jump for insurance, losing about 6500/annually from Country Club water rate.


13. Motion to adopt annual Operation and Maintenance budget for fiscal Year 2017-2018.

1st Mike and 2nd Bob, passed unanimously.




Open call to the public for non-agenda items. None (Limits to 5 minutes will be enforced)



Meeting Adjourned at 3:25 P.M.


Clerk of the Board




Mike Sims

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