October 12, 2017



Chairman of the Board, Dick Drinen, called the meeting to order at 3:00 P.M.


1. Pledge of Allegiance:  


2. Roll call was taken: All present


3. Present:  Dick Drinen, Robert Rose, Bob Timberman, Mike Sims, Len Friedlund, Scott Bowen, Len Friedlund, Gail Van Deurzen


4.  Administrative Information:


5. Approval of Board minutes for September 14, 2017

 Approved as presented.


6. Correspondence: Risser’s letter


7. Expenses Review: All ok


8. Legal Counsel: AZ Department of Revenue to resolve taxes electronically, all resolved.  Risser’s letter forward to lawyer for review. See about re-opening on property (Risser) for condemnation.


9. Operation Report: - Jim Wilson / Collections – Lee Krosnicki:  Flows are normal


B. Unfinished Business


10. Status of West Side I-17 sewer expansion

A. Status with County on number 2 lift station decision and location. New drawings completed for lift station number 2.

            B. Construction Status: Permits needed by ADEQ, turned into County. Number 1 lift station is in. Waiting for APS anchors. We got approval from engineering for pressure all the way through wash and low water crossing will be in and done hopefully next week. 11’ man hole dug and concrete pad poured and completed and next week man hole will go in. Everything is moving forward and going good.


11.  North Lodge update

            A. Consent Order Amendment: ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) still has building permit and waiting to come back.

B. Construction timeline: Building permit submitted and waiting on approval and waiting on final amendment to also be approved.

            C. Conditional use permit Status: Approved with wooden fence for security. Two lots combined and recorded and granted for a 10 year use permit.

            D. Discuss finalizing condemnation on drainage way parcel: No agreement has been made yet.         


12. Audit Status: Ongoing, going smooth and will present to the Board in November.


C.  New Business




Open call to the public for non-agenda items. None (Limits to 5 minutes will be enforced)



Meeting Adjourned at 3:24 P.M.


Clerk of the Board




Mike Sims

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