APRIL 2018


To all our Owners/Customers,


As the summer season fast approaches we at the District want to welcome you back to Munds Park and Pinewood. The weather has been extremely dry and fire danger is very high. Fire restrictions have been implemented in may areas in northern Arizona and more will likely follow suit by the end of April. Let us all remain vigilant and fire wise. Please be prepared for any emergency when you travel or visit or even while at home by visiting https://ein.az.gov/Ready-Set-GO and follow the steps necessary to be prepared for any event that might require you to relocate to a safer place.


The District has set the date for our public hearing for rate reviews and any proposed rate changes. We have scheduled the public hearing for June 2, 2018 at 10:00 am at the District office. We are reviewing proposed rate changes for Operation and Maintenance fees (O&M), tap fees and Televising fees. The District has not had any fee changes in five years. We will post notices for the public hearing at the Post Office, Fire Station and the District office. Current fees and recommended changes will be available prior to the public hearing as well as at the meeting itself.


We continue to move forward with the North Lodge Lift Station Project. The weather has helped us this project. We plan on having a dedication ceremony when the project is completed. We will keep you updated as we near that eventful day.


We are again gearing up to resume construction on the west side of I-17. We apologize in advance for any traffic inconveniences you might experience during this construction process.


Our crews have been busy as well with customer and system repairs. Real estate televising and Blue Stake requirements are on the rise as the community approaches its more active time.


You will find additional documentation included in this mailing for Coconino County regarding the Green Waste Program and Free Voucher Program. These documents do show dates for specific events and hours of operation for the Willard Springs Transfer Station as well as the landfill in Flagstaff.  Please take advantage of these opportunities while they are available.


The golf course is open for operation and is getting greener every day. The windy conditions might prove challenging as your drive your way through the course. Enjoy the many amenities the Country Club has to offer.


The local paper is a great source to read for events and happenings here in Munds Park. Copies are available at the District office and other areas in the community for free.


Again, we welcome you all back to Munds Park.  Enjoy, play safe and be happy.



 Your Sanitary District,


James T. Wilson                    

District Manager


Visit us on the web @ pinewoodsanitary.com