February 2018


To all our Owners/Customers,


Munds Park has received a little precipitation in the past month. Some snow and rain have given us some much needed moisture. We will need much more to avoid a very serious fire potential this spring and summer. We must all remain diligent in our fire prevention efforts to keep ourselves and Munds Park that perfect place to come too.


On July 1, 2017 Coconino County switched to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank after completing a request for proposal and evaluation as required by State Statute. As a political subdivision of the State of Arizona, Pinewood Sanitary District also was required to change banks to create efficiencies and cost savings in our banking services operation. Once the transition is complete the District will have integrated additional technology for the collection of payments via credit card through our online portal, for the collection of payments from online bill payment sites, and for the depositing of checks remotely from our office in Munds Park. This transition is ongoing and as always, your patience has and is greatly appreciated.


The District is also coordinating our April billing with Coconino County in order to deliver information about the Willard Springs transfer station usage for 2018 and to provide vouchers to our Munds Park residents in our service area. So please check your April billing for this valuable information.


With the weather remaining on the dry side in Munds Park, construction on the west side of I-17 for sewering has continued. All of the gravity lines have now been installed. On the south end of the project the lines are almost 17 feet below the ground surface. This is a huge milestone for the project.


We are getting closer to a point where the District can complete our North Lodge lift station relocation. This has been a long time in coming and will be a great day when this project is completed.


Flows at our treatment plant remain low as we have had little precipitation to impact us as well as the lower occupation of our community during the winter months.


The Board of Directors and management are currently reviewing our Sewer Use Ordinance for any possible modifications and reviewing our fee schedules. We will have a public hearing in May of 2018 prior to Board adoption of the Sewer Use Ordinance for the next fiscal year.


We would like to welcome Alicia Davia into our organization. As a former employee of the District as well as the Grand Canyon and the City of Flagstaff, she brings more added depth to our operational and management staff.


We look forward to seeing you all return to Munds Park this year.




Your Sanitary District,


James T. Wilson                    

District Manager


Visit us on the web @ pinewoodsanitary.com