September 2018

To all our Owners/Customers,


Another summer has come and gone here in Munds Park.  We were very fortunate to have a decent monsoon season which helped to stave off wild fires in our immediate vicinity.  The golf course is still open and looks great.  If you’re looking for something to do, why not try a round or two!



If you use bill pay through your bank or credit union, you must insure that the service ID is correct, as well as the name on your account.  To insure proper credit to your account, whether you’re a corporation, trust or individual, we will no longer be receiving your hard checks from your banking institution, as they will now be directly deposited into our account.  We will receive a print out of payments made directly to our account but if your information is not correct there is a real likelihood that your payment could be credited to someone else’s account.  It will be very difficult for us at that point to determine where and whose account received your payment.  We currently have over 100 customers with these types of errors on their account.  Please address this matter with your banking institution as soon as possible to avoid a potential interruption of service.


As our flows at the plant slow down we are in the process of adjusting our operations for winter.  Ugh, I shudder at the word, but we do need snow this year and hopefully we’ll see a full Lake O’dell again.


We have finished our lift station installation in North Lodge and have met all of our requirements for Discharge Authorization, which we have now received.  We are now waiting to finish our drainage requirements in the ADOT right of way and complete our landscaping to satisfy our requirements for Coconino County.


We are preparing to get back to the West Side of I-17 construction, as the RV Park activity is winding down.  Traffic safety is a necessary concern in this area.


Real estate transactions remain quite strong.  Many empty lots are now being purchased and developed.  It is great when we can welcome new residences to the Community.


I-17 construction is continuing at the look out and northward.  The bridge replacement at Willard Springs is quite an impressive project to see.


We are happy to welcome Dwayne Calahan to our staff in our mechanics position.  Dwayne was a former employee of the Pinewood Country Club and more recently the City of Flagstaff.


Until next time, stay safe, play nice and be happy.



Your Sanitary District,




James T. Wilson                    Alicia Davia    

District Manager              Assistant District Manager


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