February 2019


To all our Owners/Customers,


Winter in Munds Park has been a real mixed bag.  Temperatures have been warm then cold, and we have rain then snow and more rain.  In the past 30 days we have had two major flood events.  One was about a 35 year flood and the most recent event was more than a 50 year flood event.  The bridges to access the treatment plant were actually under water preventing some employees from leaving the plant site for many, many hours.  These types of events put a very heavy flow burden on our treatment facilities.


Our normal flows for this time of year are in the range of 70-100,000 gallons per day.  When we get flooding from heavy rain and/or snow melt, our flows can easily rise to 1,500,000 gallons per day or more.  These episodes emphasize the need to continue our inspection and repair programs for main lines, laterals and manholes.  We have 3 members of our staff certified to make the necessary inspection and prioritize those repairs.


Our progress on the West Side I-17 project has slowed due to the wet weather.  We have been concentrating on snow removal, equipment maintenance, and plant projects.  When possible, system repairs are undertaken. 


Customer blockages are always a priority.  Remember to call us first if you are experiencing a blockage in your sewer line.  We are here to help determine what the issue might be and help rectify that problem.


We are currently working on repairs to one of our filter units.  These units have been in service for over 10 years and now require some needed repairs and media replacement.


We are currently in the process of upgrading our computer systems at the District.  These changes will upgrade our operating systems and security systems.  We will be updating our website in the coming months to help better serve you, the customer.  We hope that during this upgrade, you experience little to no inconvenience.


We thank you in advance for your consideration while we make these very necessary and needed improvements.


We remain;


Your Sanitary District,




James T. Wilson             Alicia Davia

District Manager              Assistant District Manager


Visit us on the web @   www.pinewoodsanitary.com